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PPC and Adwords Experts in Edinburgh

Google Adwords (other Pay Per Click channels are available) is the largest PPC network, and holds the largest share of the search market. To succeed on Adwords your campaigns have to be well thought out and designed from the ground up to be optimised towards providing good Cost Per Click (CPC), good ad copy and leading to greater Return on Investment (RoI). We are Adwords experts, and as such can take your campaigns to the next level, saving you thousands of pounds per month.

" Gone are the days when you could simply add a whole lot of keywords to your adwords campaigns and get good Cost Per Click, you now have to manage your Adwords carefully to ensure that you are getting the most competitive bang for your buck."

If you want to save money and rank higher with your Google Adwords campaigns, then speak to us, we will create an action plan involving a review of your current Adwords (or provide an estimate of what to expect from a brand-new campaign), and discuss with you how this will be implemented and managed over time to give you ads that convert to more customers. We've been working with Adwords for almost 15 years, and in that time there have been a lot of changes, let us help you navigate your way to a great PPC campaign. Hire us to manage your Adwords, and it will pay for itself in savings over your existing Ad Campaigns and start making some serious sales.

Adwords Management

When we carry out Adwords Management on your behalf we continually monitor your ads. It is important to keep on top of a campaign to make sure it is still performing well, as Adwords success is relative to the competition, and as such your Adwords need to continually evolve to keep relevant and offer the best Return on Investment.

The great thing about Adwords over traditional SEO/SEM is that the effects are immediate and your new campaign can go live as soon as it is set up, so call us now to get started.

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