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It's often easier to tell us what you need to we can instantly let you know whether we can help and give you a rough price. 0345 257 0725.

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We'll fix your code or develop your site to make it do exactly what you want.

We work on a lot of sites that aren't ours. We're pretty much the A-Team of the coding world. If you have a (software) problem, if no one can help, and if you give us a call, then you can hire the Koder Programming Team.

We've fixed some of the messiest code ever written. If you're having trouble with some code, or have a site that just wont work properly across browsers, or have a database that's grinding to a halt and your present software developers just can't get to the bottom of the problem give us a shout and we'll fix it for you.

Depending on how bad your code will determine the best course of action we take. Often we can find the solution to a programming issue quite quickly and have you up and running as you should be within a couple of days. If your code is in a real mess then we may often recommend that certain elements are redeveloped from the ground up to stop your site from slowing down and driving your customers crazy.

Our many years of experience means we can often diagnose a problem simply from a good description of the issues you are facing and a brief investigation will usually confirm our findings. Contact us today if you're having problems on 0345 257 0725.

What we do

We like PHP and MySQL. We like Linux on our servers and we like open source too. It's because of the open source community that so many things are possible today and amazingly at no cost!

We like Apache and run Suse Linux on our servers. Nothing is faster or safer and because we've been working with these tools for years we know them inside out.

What we don't do

We don't work on ASP, .Net, Microsoft SQL or any Microsoft products. We can if we have to (and you beg us) but the products just aren't great, are full of holes and are extremely over-priced.