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Give us a call. Tell us which sites you like and which sites you don't! Help us get inside your head so we can see your web site vision.

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Let us design and build a web site that rocks!

It's time to trust us. We've been building web sites since 1999 and we know what looks good and what doesn't. We spend almost every waking minute of our day online and we can tell a site that rocks from a site that sucks. We think it's great that you've been using that drawing of your grandma's cat as a logo for years but it's time to let go and trust in us! You don't tell your plumber how to do his job so please trust us and let us create a site that your clients will love and remember.

" Letting a client design and write their own ad was strike one, two and three right there. I'd kick them right out the door if they came into my agency with that attitude "
George Lois

Tell us what you need, show us what you like, let us taste the flavour of what you what then let us get on with us. We know what we're doing! We have graphic designers who have studied their craft and honed it with years of experience so asking them to make the background yellow when they have already carefully selected a tonally complimentary colour form the same spectrum isn't helpful! After all, we're here to help you be as sucessful as possible online so let us do our job and together we can make sweet, sweet music.

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