Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registrations

But all is not lost If you're setting up an new online business and you've been checking available domain names then you will know that they are all gone... long gone.

But don't give up hope - we can help you find a domain name that isn't ridiculously long, doesn't have seven hyphens in it and doesn't end in .biz.

Recent changes in the way that Google views domain names means we have been able to help get our clients get great names for their online presence and these domains have also provided them with excellent marketing opportunities and help kick start their new endeavours.

If the domain you want has already gone but you feel its been grabbed by a squatter with the purpose of passing off as you or to steal your traffic then we can probably get it back for you.

Domain Drop Catching Service

Found a good domain that's expiring soon? Let us try and catch it for you. If a domain name has expired and it's 'pending delete' then there's a good chance that we can register it for you the second it becomes available again. By checking the domain's status thousands of times a second we can register it within a millisecond of it being offered for sale. We have a fixed fee of £30 per domain name you want us to catch and if successful you simply pay the standard domain registration fee on top of that. Sounds good? We've caught lots of domains so far and we're ready to catch yours. Give us a call on 0131 677 8882 to catch your domain name now!

Domain Disputes

If you're having trouble with a domain name then we can help. If someone has registered a similar domain name in order to steal your traffic or is a domain squatter has registered your domain and trying to charge you an exorbitant fee to get it back then we can help.

We are extremely familiar with Nominet's DRS (Domain Resolution Service) and can tell you the most likely outcome of your case without the need for paying to begin the process or spend a small fortune on lawyers. Feel free to give us a call and we'll be glad to tell you the best course of action to take in any domain name disputes.