Sell Online

It's time to maximise your sales online.

So many people used to scoff at the idea of selling online becoming a reality. But it did take off, and the joy of online shopping now isn't something even we imagined back then. Computer users are no longer strangers to the idea of selecting what they want online, tapping in a few details and waiting a few days for their goods to arrive. And the beauty is that the Internet is still taking shape. Sure there are a few giant players out there like Amazon and the major department stores but there's still plenty of room for you to establish yourself as the next big thing in your field. And we know all the best secrets of selling online...

What do I need to sell online?

Apart from a web site and some products to sell online you'll need a Internet Merchant account from your bank. Don't let HSBC or NatWest try and fob you off with any of their 'shared' merchant services or their own payment gateways though, accept nothing less than your own personal Online Merchant Account.

Once you have that you need to integrate your web site and merchant account with a Payment Gateway. These are the guys that check credit cards and pass the money from your shop to your bank account. We usually recommend Sagepay but there are a few others to choose from.

Managing your store

Each time a customer buys a product on your site you receive an email letting you know what to ship. For larger stores we will hook up your online store to your warehouse so a despatch order is automatically printed off letting the packer know what is needed. We can also hook your site up to the main courier firms and Royal Mail so that postage is automatically calculated, and barcodes printed for each item so that the customers can track their orders.

Because we handle almost millions of pounds of transactions each year for our clients so we can help you sell your first item online or help coordinate your online sales and despatch through all 600 branches of your store.